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Kose - Music

Lil Wayne - Mirror - Cover By Kozy

Kozy to release his debut singles...

After accumulating over 60,000 youtube hits on his covers songs between August last year to now, Kozy is about to release his debut singles. Being a unique artist/composer with worldwide character in his music, Kozy spices up his debut singles with a Pop target market in mind. You can expect a splash of musical craftsmanship unlike any other artist on the market.

Moves Like Jagger - Cover By Kozy


Kozy has recently been interviewed by Journalist/Writer Rianna Raymond-Williams for REEDOTBLOGSPOT Check out his interview here:


Kozy is an amazing songwriter whom relates his songs to real life scenarios, this is a taster of a live jam reflecting his ability whilst free-styling with UK based Gypsy guitarist Tony London...

Kozy - French Connection (live jam)